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Design for people in education, small business and charities



Working closely with editorial teams to provide design for large publications and magazines, such as those published by the English & Media Centre which give valuable insights for students of english and media.



Producing websites for small companies, like this site we did for New College Capital promoting their investment advisory services to private and corporate clients.



For over ten years we've been creating a huge variety of promotional material for Brook, the advisory centres who give free and confidential sexual health services to young people.



Offering close one-to-one working relationships for our clients, something we did producing a website for the photographer Franck Allais who is a regular contributor for The Guardian newspaper.

Newington Design are a small independent graphic design company with many years of design experience offering valuable knowledge when printing publications, newsletters and magazines. Building rock solid websites using Wordpress and Craft CMS ensuring reliability and full control over web projects.

All of the creative and technical assets we produce for our clients are lovingly cared for and maintained as if they were our very own. We are meticulous about the artwork we create with every detail checked thoroughly by @samsull before going into production.

Please get in touch if you would like to see recent example of our work or if you would like some advice about design, print and web development - always happy to help out



Newington Design, London UK.

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